by Jerry Spinelli

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Suds is entering third grade.  He is very excited to be one of the new “third grade angels.”  His school follows the rhyme, "First grade babies, second grade cats, third grade angels, fourth grade rats."  Suds is done with being a baby and a cat.  Now he is an angel.  The third grade teacher, Mrs. Simms, will be awarding a halo each month to the best angel in her class.  Suds really wants to be the first angel.  He is on his best behavior at school and at home, so he can get that halo.  It’s tiring and stressful to be good all the time.  But Suds keeps doing whatever he can to be an angel.  He’s even nice to his annoying sister.

Third Grade Angels is a humorous book with a message about what it means to be “good.”  I liked the book but it was a little bland for my taste.  I think Third Grade Angels would be a good book to read and discuss in school or at home, but I don’t think it’s a book that kids will choose as a favorite, fun read.

Jerry Spinelli is an award winning author who has done a lot of great books over the years.  Third Grade Angels is a prequel to the book Fourth Grade Rats which has been popular since the early 1990s.

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