by Ari Marmell

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I was initally drawn to this book by the cover art- I mean it’s fantastic! Up to something thief girl wearing practical armor? Really?!

Thief’s Covenant starts on the worst day of Adrienne Sati’s life, although we don’t really know all of the reasons why in the beginning. Now living as Widdershins, an accomplished thief with a wit that is possibly more dangerous than her rapier, she is finding that her past is coming back in unexpected ways. First, the god Olgun has taken up residence in Widdershins’ head, which is both helpful and vastly annoying. People in the thieves guild have decided that she would be more pleasant company as a corpse, and to make matters worse, the city guard has decided to arrest her because she might possibly be up to something. While it took me a while to get my head around all of the flashbacks, the ending was well worth it.

If you’re looking for a new fantasy series that’s funny, interesting, and irreverent this is just the book for you. Great for older teens and adults.

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