by Amie Kaufman

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After finishing this book, I realized that this was a part of a series. It's the first of trilogy, second book should be published in late 2014 and the third in 2015. So this is a good place to start. 

This is a science fiction/fantasy novel that might appeal a little more the girls because there isn't as much violence and action as typical science fiction novel. Also, there is a fairly strong female character as one of the narrators of the book. Set in the far future when humans are able to make planets livable and the travel from planet to planet on spaceships. But the story is character driven, based on what happens to Lilac, a tycoon's daughter, and Tarver, a soldier, when their ship crashes and they are the only two survivors. 

Despite not usually reading this genre, I enjoyed this book because the books does delve a little bit into the characters' past, which gives them their will to survive this disaster. Especially since the characters clearly have two different backgrounds. The one part I enjoyed, is that the story is told from both characters' perspective, usually switching back and forth each chapter. I do expect to read the rest of series, if the stories and characters are similar to this one. 


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