by Emily Franklin & Brendan Halpin

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Told in two voices, this book is essentially about friendship. Luke and Tessa have been best friends forever. Influenced by his mom's viewing of romantic comedies, Luke sees Tessa's lack of a boyfriend and decides she must secretly in love with him. He makes a grand romantic gesture, asking her to prom in front of the whole town. Alas, Tessa's lack of a boyfriend isn't because she was waiting for Luke to get a clue, it's because she has a girlfriend. Luke is hurt by her revelation--he thought that Tessa told him everything, just like he did with her. Their rift snowballs when Tessa states her intention to take Josie to the prom, and wear a tux. Luke makes a comment that gets picked up by the media, and suddenly there are protestors, Tessa's parents' grocery store is being boycotted, and the school board is voting whether to have the prom at all. Luke knows that he needs to make things right with Tessa, and Tessa just wants to be out of the spotlight...Will Luke & Tessa ever be the great friends that they once were? A bit over the top in places, but fun and heartfelt!

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