by Michelle Theall

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Colorado author Theall's memoir alternates between her early years in a strict Catholic family in Texas and her dealing with her son's Catholic school's decision to expel children of same sex parents in 2010. Theall's story of isolation, yearning for acceptance by her mother and the church, and hiding the truth of her lesbian identity from herself and everyone around her is both familiar to anyone who has experienced the pain of rejection and uniquely her own. Even after Theall leaves Texas, finds self-acceptance, a partner, and they adopt a child, she is still looking for approval from her mother and from the Catholic church, both of which are difficult to come by. She ultimately shows through this memoir that telling your own story--your own truth--regardless of what the possible reaction from others might be, is the best example that she can show to her son of living an authentic life. Try this one if you like stories of identity struggle, coming of age, the meaning of family, and the power of love. 

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