by Martin Cruz Smith

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In the latest of the Arkady Renko series by Martin Cruz Smith, Renko investigates the death of a well-known Russian journalist. This story is combined with a tale about the corruption that is endemic in business and politics. Smith isn’t afraid of showing the dark side of human nature. This novel doesn’t quite have the depth of some of Smith’s earlier books such as Gorky Park; still the reader should quickly get caught up in the story. Recommend this suspense novel

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I haven't read this book yet but I'm inclined to like Martin Cruz Smith books. If you haven't been reading him from the beginning you might not appreciate his writing but I think they are worth reading. He and Alan Furst have gotten to the point where their books are sparse. They don't write out every detail to describe the scene, they let you develop the story. Those types of books can be very satisfying once you are used to reading them. Also, reading past Arkady novels can provide you a picture of the character and may help you enjoy the book.

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