by Cynthia Leitich Smith

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This is the graphic novel version of the book Tantalize by Cynthia Leitich Smith, told from the point of view of the male character, Keiren.  Keiren's best friend Quincie has lost her parents and is struggling to keep their restaurant going with a new vampire themed design and menu.  The restaurant's chef is brutally murdered and Keiren, a werewolf, is the prime suspect.  Although Keiren's feelings for Quincie are growing into something deeper, he struggles to keep away because he will be leaving soon to a secret werewolf training camp.  He is worried about her change in clothing and behavior, and suspects the restaurant's new chef in the continuing string of violent killings and of trying to seduce Quincie.  I think the artwork in this graphic novel is absolutely hideous, so bad that it distracts from the story and I had a hard time just finishing it.  Beyond the artwork, the storyline is so disjointed and disconnected it was hard to follow.  I highly recommend just sticking with the novel and leaving this version alone.

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