by Mark Haddon

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There is a small spinner wheel on the cover of this book that lets you switch between titles and accompanying icons.  You can set it on "The Talking Horse", "The Sad Girl", or "The Village Under the Sea".  This design is what first caught my eye, as I spun it around and examined the little pictures with great glee.  I felt that, surely, this creative cover meant the poems inside would be equally surprising and interesting.  After all, didn't I love Mark Haddon's The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time?  

However, the poems here mostly weren't for me, I think.  While not unpleasant, most of them just didn't speak to me personally.  Full of allusions to mythical figures, and written in a self-conscious, unsteady free verse, this collection lacked the humor of Haddon's prose.  However, the experience of this little book, while not earth-shaking, was not unpleasant, either.

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