by John Barnes

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All Karl Shoemaker wants is to be normal. A normal family, with normal friends, in normal Lightsburg, Ohio. It's 1973 and Karl has been in group therapy since 4th grade, with all his other friends. Dubbing themselves the Madman Underground, these friends watch each other's backs and understand just what it means to be abnormal. Now that he's entering his Senior year, Karl wants to get through his last (hopefully) year in Lightsburg without having to attend the therapy sessions. Ever since Karl's Dad died, he spends his days working several jobs and trying to hide his money from his alcoholic free wheeling mom. Desperate to graduate and join the army, Karl is just getting by. When Marti, a new girl in town, joins the madmen, Karl just might learn how when you have friends like these, maybe it's pretty alright to be not-so-normal after all.

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Loved this!

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