by Hugh Murphy

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T-Rex has long been known as the King of the Dinosaurs -- so fierce and ferocious-looking -- but is the super-powerful always so powerful? What happens when he tries to put on sunscreen or a cardigan? Use a web cam? Paint the house? Hang curtains? Paddle in a canoe? 

Hugh Murphy has exploited T-Rex's weaknesses in this fun collection of cartoons. Primarily, but not exclusively, that means lots and lots of short-arm jokes. You may have seen some of these online. If you liked those, you're sure to like this collection. It felt much more substantial to me than I expected, especially compared to other collections of online sensations like Grumpy Cat and Henri Le Chat Noir. If you've never seen any T-Rex Trying cartoons before, you're in for a treat. 

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Poking fun at innocent, little, line-drawing dinosaurs because they have short arms just makes me sad. I tried to laugh for the first few pages but then I had to put this book down.

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