by John Grisham

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When I heard there was going to be a sequel to A Time to Kill by John Grisham, I was pretty excited.  I haven’t read too many of Grisham’s books the past decade, but I remember really enjoying A Time to Kill.  I have to say I was pretty disappointed with this book.  I felt it lacked the wonderful ethical question that the first book gave me: What would I do in this situation?  I asked myself this question over and over while embodied in the many characters and dilemmas the book talked about.  What would I do!?  The first book also was exciting, thought provoking, heart breaking, and suspenseful.  Sycamore Row had none of these things.  It was predictable, boring, and had a plot and premise that felt dragged along to get to 400+ pages.  I feel that this book had nothing to do with A Time to Kill and I wonder why he brought back old characters for this disappointing story.  Sycamore Row could have happened to anyone, anyplace, and pretty much any time.  I feel duped into reading this one. 

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