by Corwin Ericson

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In Swell, Corwin Ericson takes the reader on a journey through the eyes of George Whippey, a man with no drive nor ambition to do anything more in life than float through it.  Whippey is a 30-something slacker living on the fictional island of Bismuth in the northern Atlantic.  He spends his days searching for the next beer or dollar.  That is until he is caught up in a scheme that involves using whales to revolutionize telecommunications.  The story itself never really amounts to anything profound, but the cast of characters is rich and dynamic:  whale herders, whale hunters, a man who marries bears, two Korean drug smugglers, and a national news correspondent to list a few.  The story is also improved through the author’s skilled use of prose and language.  This book is a good selection for anyone wanting to delve into the fantasy genre since it does include a slightly alternate world history and weaves mythology into daily life.

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