by C. Alan Bradley

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I picked up this book because it was highly recommended by a coworker when she found out I have an aversion to mysteries and because my brother had recommended the book to me nearly four years ago. I figured two people who knew my tastes couldn’t be wrong, and they were spot on. The main character, Flavia de Luce, is a precocious, curious, intelligent, devious, 11-year-old chemist in 1950s rural England. Together with her trusty bike and a high sense of adventure, Flavia’s whole year is made when she finds a dead body in her garden and she becomes determined to solve the murder on her own. It took me a while to get used to the language and the beginning of the book started out slower than I prefer, but once the world building was done and the plot picked up there was no ignoring Ms. Flavia De Luce. I recommend this book for reluctant mystery readers like myself and anyone searching for a fresh, clever narrator.


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