by Lara M Zeises

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Stella Madison is bouncing through her life like a rubber ball. Bouncing between foodie parents who have been separated for 6 years--but they must still be in love, because they haven't gotten divorced, right? Bouncing between her sweet, reliable, boyfriend, Max, and Jeremy, her mother's new kitchen intern, who she's crushing on big time. Not quite sure what she wants to do with her life, just that she doesn't want to be a chef like her dad or run a restaurant like her mom. She DOES want money for a car. When an opportunity comes up to intern at the local paper, she just has to take it--even though it means writing restaurant reviews, when she would prefer Burger King or KFC. Stella spends the summer learning things about herself, her parents, and, surprisingly, about food, too. She may not figure everything out all at once, but she's going to try to have a good time doing it! Sweet, indeed!

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