by Michael Chabon

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Looking for a good fantasy quest novel? You might have overlooked Summerland, thinking it was just about baseball, but it is much more than that. Our very reluctant hero is Ethan Feld, who is recruited for his save the world mission by the farishers, residents of the Summerlands (a parallel world to the Middling, which is where we are, and the Winterlands). Ethan becomes more determined to complete his mission when he finds out that his inventor father is in the clutches of Coyote, who is trying to use his skills to end the worlds. Along with his little league teammates Jennifer T. and Thor, Ethan picks up help along the way from a Sasquatch that they liberate, a werefox, a tiny giant, and other assorted characters--all who make up the baseball team charged with saving the world. Over the course of their journey, they play many games (and meet many American folk heroes), but the final game, the one against Coyote and his team, will determine the fate of the worlds.

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