by Matthew C Batt

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Sugarhouse​ is a very entertaining memoir about a married couple that decides to buy a house in Utah.  Matthew Batt is getting his PhD in English, and his wife works at a theatre.  When they move to Utah, they feel pressured by their friends and the death of loved ones to settle down and buy a house.  Batt's story relates the trials and tribulations of becoming a homeowner, as well as the positive things it does for his marriage.  Some of the most amusing parts share his frustration and pride in learning how to remodel the house.  From former crack house--with cat stains, meth-fogged light fixtures, and problems with the foundation--to an actual home, Batt talks about the process, as well as how he found his way around Home Depot, grew into the role of husband, and navigated several deaths in the family.  This book is at times laugh-out-loud funny, and at other times surprisingly touching.  It will hold your attention from start to finish and make you wish he wrote another memoir about remodeling his next house.    

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