by Mark Schultz

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Did you ever wish that you understood what people were talking about when they mentioned DNA, RNA, and genes? Do you hear things about gene therapy and cloning and wonder how they really work? Or maybe you've just gotten to a section on genetics in your science class in school and the teacher isn't presenting it in quite the best way for you. If any of this applies to you, or if you're just curious about the amazing story of human life, and life on earth, then check out this book. A graphic book about DNA? How detailed could it get? Let me assure you, this is NOT a dumbed-down version of science—this book will give you all the info you need to pass a test. Framed as a report by an alien who has been to earth researching strategies for combating his own species' pervasive genetic disorders, it covers everything from the origin of DNA to modern breakthroughs such as gene therapy and evolutionary genetics. While the format may seem a bit cheesy, it serves a great purpose. Just when you feel like you're being bogged down with too many new words and concepts, there's a break in the story as the king asks his subordinate to clarify what he just said. There is also a thorough glossary, as well as a suggested further reading list (which includes magazines, books, and web sites) at the end of the book. This is a great introduction to the concepts of DNA and genetics for all ages.

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