by Carol Plum-Ucci

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March, 2002. The United States is still reeling from the September 11 attacks, but hasn't gone to war yet. Are the terrorists still out there? Two mothers on the same street in New Jersey die of brain aneurysms on the same night. Coincidence? Maybe, but then some of their children, Cora Holman and Owen & Scott Eberman, come down with strange symptoms, too. Could this be another terrorist attack? Could it be something in the water? Halfway around the world in Pakistan, Shahzad Hamdani is helping United States Intelligence officers as a v-spy, capturing and translating computer chatter into leads that they can follow up on. Lately, everyone's been talking about the Red Vinegar, which will kill people in "Colony One." Will the connections between Cora, Owen, and Scott's symptoms and the terrorist plot be made in time to save them? Shahzad wants to track down the terrorists at all costs, but what if that cost is his life? This story, told from multiple points of view, will keep you wondering what is going to happen next, and if all of the characters will survive the terrorist plots.

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