by Jane Nickerson

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Welcome to Wyndriven Abbey. 

It is 1855 and Sophia has just received a surprising letter from her godfather.  It is an invitation to join him at Wyndriven Abbey, deep in the heart of antebellum Mississippi.  The fine nature of the invitation promises more opportunities than her current poverty-stricken situation would allow, and so Sophia accepts, and steps into a lush and pampered life as Monsieur Bernard de Cressac's favored goddaughter. 

But soon, Cressac's devotion to Sophia becomes eerie in its intensity.  And the dim corners of the grand house offer suggestions of women who lived there before her...and who also had similar shades of red hair.  Sophia begins to sense that things are not as they seem, but Cressac and his home are too alluring to pass up.  Sophia's passion for her godfather grows even as he spins the web around her more and more tightly. 

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