by Jim Butcher

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I listened to the audio version of Storm Front. I don't normally read fantasy or, more specifically, paranormal fantasy, but I noticed that the fourteenth book in this series was a Goodreads Best Paranormal Fantasy of 2013. I can never start reading a series in the middle, so I began with Storm Front

I thought this book would be a good introduction to the genre of paranormal fantasy, since it is set in modern times. Nothing too out there, I thought. Harry Dresden is a wizard who investigates paranormal crimes for the Chicago Police Department.

I guess I should have gone for something more out there, because this book is incredibly boring. I developed no interest in Harry Dresden, the plot was predictable, and other characters were stereotypes. I suppose the ghost who lives in a skull was intriguing.

The worst thing about this book, though, was listening to the reader. He had no idea how to make a scene properly dramatic, his breath intakes were loud and distracting, and I'll swear he had a whistle booger at one point.

If you liked this book or this series, let me know why. Would it be worth reading any more of the series?


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