by Peg Kehret

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Amy is looking forward to making some money during summer vacation. Her babysitting course taught first aid, bathing, diaper changing, and how to make bedtime pleasant. When Amy gets an urgent call from a mother needing a sitter immediately, she hopes it might turn into a regular summer job. Toddler Kendra is a dream -- she's a sweet, happy toddler who easily takes a nap. While Kendra is napping, Amy falls asleep too, but when she wakes up, Kendra is gone! Amy discovers a kidnapping in progress and tries to stop it, but two dangerous men take her hostage, too. Smokey and Hugh take the girls to a remote cabin in the woods. Each day Smokey makes a video of the girls to send to Kendra's family so they'll pay the ransom. Can Amy somehow use the videos to get help without the kidnappers catching on? Should she take Kendra and try to escape? What should she do with Smokey's gun? Amy has seen the men's faces and they've made it clear that they won't be letting her go. Amy knows she only has a few days left to either escape or get help.

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