by Lisa Jenn Bigelow

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Colby is 16, and she's known a lot of loss in her life. Her mother died a few years ago, and her dad is home from his cross country trucking job only a few times a month. Her girlfriend dumped her for a guy. She's not doing well in school. Can anything in her life go right? Searching for cans along the road to supplement her best friend's diminishing funds, they come across a stray dog that's been hit by a car. They take it to the vet--the dog can be saved, but loses a leg. Can 3-legged dog Mo help Colby start to connect with people again? The vet who saved Mo wants to help train him, another girl is showing interest in Colby, and  she thinks she should finally come out to her father. Connections are fragile, and Colby has a lot to learn about making and keeping them. Can she do it?

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