by Lissa Price

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When the war escalated to biological warfare, the youngest and the oldest were vaccinated first, and by the end of the war, that was all that were left: the starters and the enders. Callie and her younger brother are unclaimed starters. Without any grandparents they are left to fend for themselves, squatting in abandoned buildings and scavenging for food. Starters aren't allowed to work, until Prime Destinations offers a unique opportunity. Starters can "rent" their teenage bodies to enders wanting to re-expierence their youth. Despite the promise that her body will not be mistreated, Callie has her doubts, but she cannot refuse the huge amount of money she will be paid for the rentals. It all seems to be going fine, until a malfunction during her final rental awakens her to a dangerous plot that could cost her everything. Fast-paced and full of surprises, this looks like great start to a new dystopian series.  


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