by J.J. Abrams

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I was pretty disappointed in what could have been a great movie. I thought the first of Abrams' attempts at the Star Trek genre (Star Trek) was a decent flick that made it easier for all audiences to appreciate the film, not just Trek fans, but this one just failed to do much for me. I felt the acting to be generally poor (with the exception of Benedict Cumberbatch, who was mostly decent as Khan, and a couple smaller roles of Scotty and Captain Pike) though this could be due to the poor dialogue they were forced to deliver. The few moments where there was a decent line allowed at least decent acting. 

Abrams resorted to a lot of tricks to make this movie visually exciting, that distracted from actual storyline, and made it look and feel like any Transformers movie. Some events defied logic and made the action hard to watch with any realism (or even suspended disbelief). The characters were made to seem boring and cheesy through bad dialogue and several points of ridiculous plot design, and most references to the original Star Trek seemed trite and contrived. The plot seemed to be unoriginal and followed fairly predictable patterns. Instead of intending to please fans and create new fans of Star Trek, this movie seemed to follow some mold for a generic action movie, complete with a gratuitous and entirely unnecessary disrobing of one of the characters, possibly just to fill the trailers out and make the movie sell. It's the only reason I could imagine. The incessant action scenes that bled into each other could all be used to sell a movie not really worth selling. See it if you like most action movies, it's entertaining as a general action film, but don't expect it to be a classic Star Trek or even a memorable movie.

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