by Elizabeth C Bunce

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StarCrossed is a terrific fantasy adventure set in completely new world. Digger is an excellent liar and a thief, so when she becomes separated from her companions, she is forced to find her own way using her best skills. While fleeing the capital city, she falls in with a pleasure party of nobs, who help her escape. Soon their kindness and own personal trials make it difficult for Digger to extricate herself from their group and she grudgingly becomes a companion to the high-born, and magical, Merista. As the group becomes snow-bound in an ancient stronghold, Digger comes to realize that many larger issues are at work and her skills are just as essential in a nob's house as they are on the streets. A climate of strict religious intolerance and fear permeates the story, giving it heft, along with exciting political intrigue.

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