by Stephen King

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I absolutely loved this book! The writing is wonderful and so evocative. King spends just the right amount of time breathing life into his characters and giving them all dimension. In a story like The Stand - a classic battle between good and evil - relate-able characters make all the difference. This tale of a nation ravaged by a devastating super flu epidemic, and the paths chosen by the various rag-tag survivors, is engaging and thought-provoking. Even though it was originally written over 30 years ago, the messages still ring true.

While the book is long, and the audio version seemingly longer (about 48 hours of listening), the story doesn't drag at all. It's just epic. And Grover Gardner does a great job with the audio narration.

On an added note, I have to say that after listening to the book, I'm amazed at how true to the text the miniseries was, given the length and scope of both.


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