by C. A. (Cheryl A.) Rainfield

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Sarah Meadows is 17, and can't wait to have her life change. She's lived with a port wine stain on her face, and the stares and bullying that come with it, all of her life. The day she thinks she will get her first treatment for it, her dad's business crumbles, and they can't afford it. But later that day, the real nightmare begins: she is kidnapped by a man who will keep her locked up, who she knows will kill her after he is done torturing her. Sarah must look hard at herself, at what she believes about her life, about whether she thinks she can be like the hero she created in the comics she draws, Diamond. We also get the story of the search for Sarah from Nick, a fellow comic enthusiast, who thinks that Sarah is the smartest, bravest girl he's ever met, but has always been afraid to ask her out. He's determined to help find her so that he can tell her that he loves her. You'll want to know what happens to Sarah, and I left this one with a real soft spot for Nick. For older teens.

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