by David Sedaris

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A whole book of stories about animals? Well that sounds weird. But I read it anyway, and surprising myself and my ambivalence for critters, I really enjoyed it. 

It's a collection of anecdotes about animals living life much like we humans would: a sheep and a crow discussing meditation, or a duck, a toad, and a mouse complaining about the DMV, or an egocentric, hypochondriac bear and her slow alienation of her friends. It's strange and charming how David Sedaris is able to give all the animals human qualities like tendencies toward gossip, exaggeration, and infidelity but manifest them in tongue and cheek and distinctly animal ways. Usually the surprising reminder that the characters are animals is the moment where every story takes a morbid but funny twist. 

The audio book version is read in parts by David Sedaris himself and Betty White, among others, and they do a great job.


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