by Gail Carriger


Vampires, werewolves, steampunk, and romance.  Any of these elements alone would typically have me scoffing without cracking open the cover.  But in an effort to expand my reading horizons and based on a colleague’s recommendation, I made it past my initial prejudices and enjoyed this book more than I would have imagined.

Set in an alternate Victorian London, Alexia is part of a high society where the supernatural and natural overlap with established protocol and tradition.  She however doesn’t fit well with either group because she is preternatural or more simply put, soulless.  This unique status makes her reviled by some but also gives her power in both worlds.  Combining this power with her propensity toward scientific inquiry and disregard for convention, she quickly finds herself on a dangerous and engaging adventure that takes her into heart of secret worlds around her.

Alexia is a very strong and likeable character with her spunk and wit, but it was the sociological discussions that kept me reading.  It’s written with a lot of skill and is chock full of vocab builders.  I still don’t understanding the appeal of steampunk, but it didn’t distract too much from the story.  I felt similarly about the romance elements.  I’m glad I read it and will be sure to recommend it to many readers.


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