by Averill Curdy

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Song & Error by Averill Curdy is a modern, lush perspective-based collection by a newer poet. Published in 2013, it throws back to happenings hundreds of years ago. A fresh point of view on historically true events.

One of the poems, "The Preservation of Meat," frames the time between September 6, 1782 (the deathdate of Martha, Thomas Jefferson's wife) and the first entry in house "Garden Book" six weeks later. This approach to poems (or is it an approach to history?) makes reading this collection fun, yet it feels heavier than some poetry.

Each word sits in the mouth with purpose and weight. The poems don't take long to read (the entire collection could be read in an afternoon), though Song & Error is worth a reread more than once. This is one of the poetry collections from 2013 to read.

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