by Drew Magary

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Someone Could Get Hurt is a memoir about parenting, written by someone who prior to parenthood was clueless about what it was like to actually be a parent.  The author, Drew Magary, paints a vivid, hilarious, hyperbolic picture of what parenting is like when you still haven’t given up your single life.  He continues to live out his wild party days until weeks before his first child using the same rationalization that an addict heading to rehab might; I won’t be able to do this anymore so might as well go overboard now!  Once he starts having kids, he realizes he may not be patient enough to have a standoff with a three year old who has to pee but won’t leave the pool.  This book is great for all adults.  Those who are seasoned parents will laugh at the many rookie mistakes; those who would like to become parents will laugh and then probably start thinking twice about having children.

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