by Drew Magary

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I teared up both from Magary's hilarious storytelling and his ability to convey the sincere love and fear that comes with parenting.  Magary captures what it feels like to be a parent of young children with brutal honesty and humility.  His stories about sleep-deprived delirium, secret parenting competitions, the ridiculous things you say to stubborn children, and the overall helplessness you feel most of the time will make most readers not feel so alone and inept with their own families.  He bookends the amusing chapters with the torturous ordeal of his premature third child requiring major surgery at just 9 days old.  Having had a similar experience of months spent in the NICU with one of my children, I appreciated his vulnerability and it actually provided me words to explain my own emotions from that time.  If you can tolerate some profanity and irreverence for the sake of witty, honest writing, I can't recommend this enough.  This will be my new go-to gift book for all new fathers.

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