by Graham Joyce

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Graham Joyce returns with an unsettling novel about a teenager who shows up on her parents’ doorstep twenty years after she disappeared without a trace. Tara Martin claims she was abducted to an enchanted fairyland and, eerily, appears no older than when she vanished. For her, she insists, only six months have passed. Of course, Tara's family is convinced her story merely covers up some traumatic experience from the time of her disappearance. Opinions from medical professionals and subplots involving impostors shake things up for the reader, creating a nagging doubt about Tara's identity. Who is this girl, and, if she is Tara Martin, what really happened to her? Although there are some great fantasy sequences and I loved the haunting tone and atmosphere, the true charm of this book is rooted in Joyce's well-drawn, likable characters. Five stars.


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