by Micol Ostow

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Ari wants to do something to stand out during his junior year at Gittelman Jewish Day School. He's been wingman to his best friend, Jonas (who can get anything he wants from anyone--girl, boy, teacher--with just a smile) for too long. His parents just want him to excel at his Jewish day school, ace the SATs, and go to Brandies like they did. The girl he's been noticing for moths, Sari, hasn't noticed him at all (well, except for wanting to be tutored in calc). What better way to get attention than starting a band? Trouble is, he'll need Jonas's help, along with Yossi Gluck, the only kid they know who owns drums, but who seems more interested in Torah studies than music. Then Yossis insists that his freshman sister, Reena, be in the band, too. Surprisingly, they're a hit playing a ska version of Hava Nagilah at a Bar Mitzvah. But will The Tribe be the thing that makes Ari stand out, or will it be just another way for him to hide who he truly is? Join Ari for his rocking year, including some fun cartoons and an glossary of some Jewish, music, and other esoteric terms. The author & illustrator are sister & brother.

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