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   The film starts off with a classic gangster flick smash and grab and immediately you think that the two characters are gangsters. Not so, however; Vincent is a devoted father, husband and police officer. He masterminded the theft of drugs as part of a larger plan which is revealed later on in the film. Things begin to go awry however when the owner of the drugs, a club owner named Marciano finds out and kidnaps Vincent's son. They agree to meet at the club to exchange the boy for the drugs but this turns out to be easier said than done. A motley crew of crooked cops, over eager cops, gangsters and even some kitchen staff all conspire to thwart the plan.  As in any good film there are several twists and turns here and there that keep viewers enthralled. If you are looking for an action film with a good plot  that doesn't feature incessant shooting and killing I highly recommend this film.

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