by 1958- Xinran

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This epic, told so quickly in just 200 pages, covers 30 years of love and loss, hope and redemption. Based on a true story, Sky Burial follows Shu Wen from China to Tibet in search of her husband. The real story is in her discovery of Tibetan culture and the Tibetans' understanding and appreciation for life and death.

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Wonderful, wonderful book. I've read it twice.
I want a Sky Burial.

Now I want to read it again!

Me too! I gotta buy the book!

I'd forgotten about this gem. I'll be reading it again, too!

Now I feel compelled to read it. On my list...

It's on my list too. This better be good! ;)

Well clearly we need to schedule a book discussion!

Finally got around to reading this, and it is an amazing story. Thanks for the recommendation, Michelle.

I have it checked out and can't wait to read it!

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