by Faith Hunter

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Meet Jane Yellowrock, a Cherokee girl with amber eyes, who is much more than meets the eye. Jane is a skinwalker, perhaps even the last of her kind, she is also Beast (which is a long story). Right now though? Right now she's a bada$$ vampire hunter, "Have stakes, will travel" is her motto and she is going to be kicking butt and taking names. 

Set in a world rife with sexy vamps, and were-animals and witches (oh, my!) Jane is still a unique and unusual creature. Perhaps getting involved with vampires was not her smartest move! But it's too late now and Leo Pellisier has his sights set on conquest, no matter how little Jane is a willing participant. 

This is a really fun series, good action, not too much "romance", can be a bit violent so those with weak constitutions be advised. Easily a 3.5!

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