by Bethenny Frankel

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I think this is a great self-help book for women who are seeking balance in their lives.  Bethenny uses a lot of her own experience in her attempt to assist other women in this process.

The book is written in a clear and well-organized way, which permits the reader to easily linger on sections that she finds interesting and skim over those that may not be pertinent to her.  Many of the techniques Bethenny proposes are ones that I've used myself, so I know that they work for me!  Hopefully this book will be helpful for encouraging women to think positively and improve their lives in multiple ways.

Bethenny writes in a manner that is very easy to read; the book is easy to pick up and put down as one has time to read it.  I'd recommend this book to women who are struggling with body image and self-esteem issues as Bethenny offers solutions in a variety of different contexts.  She is not shy about discussing her own struggles, and that helps the reader better relate to her and her message.

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