by Robin Wasserman

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Lia had a great life–she was popular, rich, and had the perfect boyfriend. Until the accident. That's when Lia's choices got taken away. She wouldn't have chosen to live forever, her brain downloaded into a mechanical body, would she? It doesn't matter–she's now a mech, an outcast. Is it worth it? She'll never die (just need an occasional tune up), she doesn't feel pain, she doesn't feel anything. Is it worth it? She's not even sure if her dad thinks he made the right choice in keeping his daughter alive, how is she supposed to react to that? Lia finds that her only choice turns out to be embracing who she now is, finding out about others like herself, and maybe striking out on her own. Can Lia learn to live with her new reality, even is she isn't sure who she is anymore?

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