by Patrick deWitt

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I  was beginning to think  I was left out in the cold when I mentioned to several people at the library that my next read was going to be The Sisters Brothers by Canadian Patrick deWitt.  More than one person (in fact, three people)  told me that they had already read it and loved it. So, I jumped right into this book to see what I had been missing.

This story of two brothers, Charlie and Eli Sisters in 1851, both killers hired by the Commodore, go on the road to pursue their target, Hermann Kermit Warm. Their escapades, though sometimes laugh-out-loud funny, and sometimes OMG tragic and dark, was told in such a deadpan manner that I wondered, why did they talk like that? I concluded that their stilted language only added  to the novel’s uniqueness and charm. But shhhhhhhhh I have a secret to tell you...I fell in love with both these killers.  Although, it was Eli, a bit overweight, a little melancholy about his accidental career,  who stole my heart more.  Because of some of the grisly parts and violence, I don’t recommended this for the squeamish.

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