by Molly Beth Griffin

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It's the 1920s, and Garnet's mom has her life planned out for her. She's no longer allowed to pursue her passion, tromping through the forest looking for birds--she must learn to be a proper lady so that she can get married and take care of her home, husband, and children. Garnet is sent to spend the summer at a lakeside town in Minnesota with relatives, and even though this summer is supposed to make her more like her quiet and ladylike cousin, the possibilities in town make her realize that she has choices in her own life as well. The dance hall, her first job, and a friendship with an independent flapper that grows into something more all make her think that settling down and being a homemaker might not be for her. When her family obligations threaten her dreams, Garnet has to make some hard choices. An interesting portrait of what it was like to be female right after women got the right to vote and expectations for young women were very different than they are today.

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