by Julie Haas Brophy

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This book is based on the author's blog of the same name (I just discovered her additional blogs: sh*t my pets ruined, sh*t my husband ruined, and sh*t my wife ruined). I had no idea these blogs existed until I read the book. Their premise is: take a picture of something your kids/pets/spouse ruined and post it and a little story about it in the blog. Hilarity ensues.

I have to say that I like the blogs better than the book. This material is eminently throwaway (read it, laugh/cringe, move on) and a website is a much better vehicle for it than a book. The book does introduce the author and why she started the blog, which is somewhat interesting, but it also made me a little jealous...why haven't I come up with a blog that scores a book deal?!

This book would make a good gift for a frustrated parent, so they know other people have monster children, too.

NOTE: As of this writing, DPL has this title only as an eBook, which is what I read.


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