by Justin Halpern

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I've been a fan for a while of Justin Halpern's tweets about the outrageously funny random stuff his 73-year-old dad, Sam, says, but this book was so much more than I expected. It's not just a collection of the Twitter log that Justin created a year ago, it's a really heartwarming and funny story of the relationship between father and son. Sam is cranky, foul-mouthed, and opinionated, but he's also smart, loving, and not afraid to call it like it is. By the end of this quick read, you can't help but think that Sam Halpern is one of the coolest men on the planet.

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I laughed so hard at this book snot came out of my nose, then,I fell off my couch.Justin has the coolest dad ever!The book is worth your time. Go find it now. No really, Right now.

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