by Paolo Bacigalupi

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This unique story is set in the Gulf Coast in a future when that coast is completely re-shaped by hurricanes and the society is also re-shaped to scavenge and strip all precious materials left in our world just to survive. Nailer is the hero, very rough-around-the-edges, and he's a ship breaker, someone who strips old cargo ships for copper wire. When a big storm runs a "swank" clipper ship aground, Nailer and his friend Pima make the first discoveries of treasures beyond their wildest imaginations - silverware, food, china, clothes - and the body of a teenage girl who is not quite dead. Now Nailer and Pima must decide where their loyalties lie and whether they can trust a swank to help them change their lives. Part dystopia, part pirate-style adventure, this is a fast-paced and fantastic read.

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