I haven't read much fantasy and this collection of short stories introduced me to new writers like Nina Kiriki Hoffman. The eerie bookstores and complicated people who frequent them are usually assisted by equally strange staff. Not all stories are dark. Some readers find what they have always longed for including writing their own endings. One of my favorite stories, "I am looking for a book..." by Patrick Weekes introduces Gorhok the Immitigable and his search for the book holding the key to cosmos-shattering power. No one at the bookstore seems to care who Gorhok really is resulting in some very funny customer service interactions. Also, if you are a Neil Gaiman fan, you won't want to miss reading his introduction memorializing four bookstores -- "These are the bookshops that made me who I am."

Check it out:


Also try THE CITY OF DREAMING BOOKS, by Walter Moer

Oops, it's Walter Moers...

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