by Cat Winters

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The year is 1918: a war rages in Europe, the flu epidemic sweeps the United States, and 16 year old Mary Black's father is imprisoned for treasonous activities.  Mary is sent to live with her Aunt in San Diego, where she is reunited with her childhood sweetheart, Stephen.  But Mary sees Stephen for only a day, just long enough to renew her passionate feelings, before he is shipped off to war, never to be heard from again. 

Mary receives the news of his death on a stormy day, and in her grief runs outside and is struck by a bolt of lightening!  Mary lives, but experiences strange sensations that draw her into spiritualism and the belief that the dead can contact the living.  And could this be true?  She feels haunted by a ghost she believes to be Stephen, who begs her to solve the mystery surrounding his death.  But war deaths are simply tragic, without mystery.  So if Stephen didn't die in the war, how did he die?

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