by Leigh Bardugo

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What a great tale! set in the land of Rivka peppered through with russianalia (i just made that word up!) ermine lined coats, dark magicians, onion roofed palaces, sleighs and golden baubles, fables that live legends that can die, wow. I am so impressed by Bardugo that I could spit!

Two orphans Alina and Mal are inseperable from their childhoods but as they grow, they grow apart. Mal becomes handsome and bold, Alina remains scrawny and timid, both become members of the army in an attempt to stay together, friends forever. Until the day they must enter the Fold. Dark and dangerous filled with unsettling creatures, Alina and Mal's transport comes under attack and in the darkness something in Alina breaks and then the adventure really begins.



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