by Rachel Hartman

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I downloaded Seraphina onto my phone mainly as a backup in case I forgot to bring a book with me when I left the house. Instead, I ended up clearing everything off my schedule and staying up late into the night to finish the book. The kingdom of Gorred and surrounding nations have had a tenuous peace with the dragons that live north of them, and the 40th anniversary of the treaty is fast approaching. Enter the curiously talented musician Seraphina, newly hired on at the castle and hiding plenty of secrets, who is about to become more involved with political intrigue than she wants. The strength of this book lies in the world Rachel Hartman builds around her convincing main character. I often get caught up in the mechanics of world building (e.g. in the typical apocalyptic teen dystopian, where are they getting all those sparkly dresses from??) and this book delivered a breath of fresh air. Seraphina’s emotions and struggles were almost palpable in their honesty, and the world she resided in felt entirely believable, despite the dragons. I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a solid, engaging young adult fantasy book.


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