by Lindsay Smith

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The first third of the book, including the premise and setting, were fascinating.  The last two thirds of the book, including the actual missions and the love story, unfortunately fell flat.  Which is a shame, because this historical fiction, paranormal thriller was obviously well-researched, and rooted in some little known lore involving the CIA, KGB, and...psychics.  Who knew! 

Yulia is a teenager in Cold War Russia, struggling simultaneously with two challenges: helping her family to survive on meager rations, and hiding the fact that she is psychic.  When Yulia is captured one day on the streets, she learns that the KGB has a secret operation to kidnap young psychics like herself, and use them to intercept spies and learn foreign state secrets.

Yulia is forced to work for the KGB operation, but all the while is biding her time until she can escape--a tricky feat for one surrounded by mind-readers.  As the story unfolds, Yulia begins to suspect that the agent in charge of the operation may be working toward his own, more sinister purposes, and that the so-called bad guys may actually be her only hope.


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