by A. C. (Allan C.) Weisbecker

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Remember that feeling of ditching school in the late spring, just before summer, when the weather was primo and your youthful responsibilities faded away like a bad tattoo under the sun? This is a memoir of a dude that may have skipped a few too many days, his responsibilities no longer youthful, leaving his tattoos not alone in being faded.

In Search of Captain Zero is a gnarly ride, a trip in more ways than one. Part gonzo detective story, part travelogue, it provides an amped account of one man's search for redemption. Having turned his back on his stalled existence, Weisbecker sells his house, loads his surfboard into his beater truck and heads west, then south along the left coast for an evocative exploration of self and for a burned-out buddy last heard from in the jungles of Central America. Lively with hang-ten slang and accounts of near misses and direct hits alike, the narrative reads like a wave oscillating between highs and lows, from the crest to the impact zone.

Not sure if it's what Frost had in mind, but Weisbecker certainly takes the road less traveled throughout his misadventures - mainly in Mexico, and mainly in an attempt to elude the Federales. 

The described natural beauty of the Mexican and Central American coast, the colorful characters befriended along the way, and the meditative look at friendship make In Search of Captain Zero a radical, recommended read.

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